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Fire Scene Evidence Collection Methods

The proper means of processing a fire scene, photographing, marking, tagging and packaging evidence and transporting requires specialized training. However, this is of a nature that is within every investigators ability to acquire. What is required in addition to procedural [...]


Developing a Reasonable Prescription Drug Policy for Law Enforcement Personnel

The U.S. population appears to be addicted to prescription drugs.  Law enforcement personnel are not immune from this national trend.  The issue is a balancing need between public safety and individual medical necessity.  Without a reasonable, effective written policy, your [...]


Compelled Statements/Garrity: New Challenges and Developments

In 1967 the U.S. Supreme Court (Garrity and Broderick) set the standard that public employees can be compelled to answer questions posed by their employers during administrative investigations concerning workplace rule violations. This questioning must be “specifically, directly and narrowly” [...]