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NFAITI provides Legal & Liability Support Services for Jails and Corrections including policies and procedures, training, risk assessments, case consultation, audits and more.

James R. Alsup, President, NFAITI

John “Jack” Ryan, Attorney, Co-Director

Lou Reiter, Co-Director

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NFAITI provides a complete service of reviewing & writing High Risk Critical Task Policies and Procedures – which has shown to contribute to 90% of all litigation for law enforcement and jail/correction facilities.

Depending on the need and resources of the requesting Agency, NFAITI may conduct critical task operations policy review on a single policy, multiple policies, or all critical task policies. NFAITI utilizes its Legal & Professional Advisory Board to review policies and provide recommendations or technical assistance on the policies submitted. All policies reviewed and/or written are state specific with State legislative mandates, US Circuit Court of Appeals decisions, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and cited to CALEA and American Correction Association mandates

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NFAITI regularly conducts risk assessments of jails/corrections critical task operations/procedures to determine gaps in liability exposure. The assessment process involves a review of agency policy and training related to the high risk critical tasks in Jail/Correction operations. NFAITI conducts an off-site and on-site Audit and Inspection of operations. While on-site, NFAITI will provide technical assistance through recommendations in order to assist the agency in reducing liability exposure as well as provide specific training and guidance for your agency’s staff to allow on-going internal inspections and audits.

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Risk & Case Management Consultation

NFAITI provides Risk Management Consultation regarding on-going claims and preventive measures that can be taken to reduce liability in law enforcement agencies and jails/correctional facilities before the exposure occurs.

When liability exposure has occurred and a lawsuit is imminent, NFAITI provides legal Case Consultation regarding case strategy for those who represent law enforcement agencies, jails or corrections centers and individual officers.

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NFAITI has an on-going affiliation with many experts who are nationally recognized in their particular specialty in jail/corrections liability and litigation.

Unlike many expert services that operate as a single person entity, NFAITI takes the team approach and can provide a multi-disciplinary approach to a single case where doing so will enhance the agency’s defense.

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NFAITI provides immediate access to experts in cases where an agency is in the midst of a critical incident. Many agencies have become a more significant liability target based upon the initial response in reaction to a critical incident. NFAITI stands ready to assist agencies with immediate and timely advice with respect to critical incidents. NFAITI’s unique ability to bring together a large number of experts enhances the level of advice available to agencies at such a critical time.

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Legal/Liability Training: Backed by the largest law enforcement training corporation in the United States, NFAITI offers a full spectrum of legal and liability training – offered regularly across the country or that can be tailored for specific needs of individual agencies.

Jail/Corrections Legal Updates & Training Articles: NFAITI keeps Jail/Correction Officers & Administrators up to date with current trends and court decisions by posting articles in the free E-Newsletter. To visit the complete Jail/Corrections archive, CLICK HERE.

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